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Last week's Pocket Dimension wasn't to be as I was caught up in all the excitement at GaymerX. We're back on track this week, though, and I have upped the number of entries in order to hopefully make up for my absence.

The selection in this week's Pocket Dimension barely have anything in common. There are, however, plenty of hostile spaces that force vulnerability onto you. The method of turning you fragile differs, it ranging from shifting walls to hostile bodies that shoot bullets at you.

There's also an eclectic mix of textures and art to gaze at. The words I'd use to describe those include: camp, abrasive, writhing, kitsch, pulsating, and disturbing.


"There is a certain time, in either the very distant past or future, in which the universe is mostly empty.

There is a being living there by the name of Mitch, and you control him on what appears to be a normal day for him as he travels around. You later find out that you need to do errands for your two friends, the Galax brothers." - Author's description

Download here (Windows)