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"Marooned on a uncharted planet, you decide to explore. There's something strange about the rocks here - better be careful where you point that laser gun of yours.

A puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 29." - Author's description

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Dig Hard


"Are you bad enough to dig to the earth's core and save the president? Watch out for land mines, dinosaurs and more!

We're gonna work on it post-competition: http://dighardcrisis.tumblr.com" - Author's description

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"ScubaBear is a collecting and exploration game. A true Beneath the Surface Metroidvania! Scuba the bear aims to collect all of the hidden treasures of poseidon. As you collect treasures with ScubaBear your set of abilities will grow and you can explore even more areas. Finally, when you collect all of the treasure you can be proud to call yourself the true King of the Sea." - Author's description

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"A 2D isometric "three degrees of freedom" shooter. Dive beneath the ice and fight creatures while moving in any direction, navigating a vertically-oriented coral reef.

In normal mode, you'll need to return to the surface for energy --- make sure you make a trip whenever your energy gets below half." - Author's description

Download here (Windows)