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Dr. Candle

For the first time in a while I've not been in a rush to catch up on other work while writing Pocket Dimension. You'll see the result of that below in the much longer entries than usual describing each game and why you should play it. I've enjoyed writing this.

The theme of "Idle Animation" relates to the non-directed play that most of the games employ. By this, I refer to how there isn't a tutorial or other forms of guidance, which means you have to explore play inside the game's parameters, finding reason to engage with it by yourself.

This theme was particularly inspired by Jake Clover's game Dr. Candle as it focuses specifically on being still, perhaps being bored, and exploring ways of keeping yourself entertained in those moments. It's also a reference to the idle animations of characters in games, which routinely entertain themselves (juggling is a common idle animation, for example) while not being told what to do by the player.