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Mystic Melee (Serenity Forge)

"A great evil is threatening the galaxy, and only four arcane wizards can stop it. The world of Mystic Melee brings you a spetacular mix of physics-based platforming, melee, and imaginative spells. You’ll have to master unexpected combinations of all three in order to defeat the many challenges and evils you’ll face." - Author's description

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The Last Door: Season 2 - Collector's Edition (The Game Kitchen)

"In Season 2 of The Last Door, the search for his missing client will bring psychiatrist John Wakefield deeper into a conspiracy of darkness and closer to the heart of madness than ever before." - Author's description

Steam Early Access (Windows)

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CRAWL (Powerhoof)  

"Crawl is the local multiplayer dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters! Battle through dungeons and power up your hero - if a friend kills you they take your place and it’s your turn to inhabit the monsters. It's a race to gain enough XP and loot to take on the hulking final boss!" - Author's description

Early access on Steam ($9.99) (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Early access on dev site ($9.99) (Windows, Mac, Linux)



"Sarcia is not a simple Open-RPG like any other. It is not driven by stats and gear grinding and you will not lose your way into endless menus and systems. It is driven by the feeling of discovering a world of unknown." - Author's description

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