tagged : glitch jam

Don't Click

"In Don't Click, you play as a man who awakes to hear a voice in his head warning him of this terrible which he posses. But the voice says if he doesn't click on anything for one minute, the power will go away and life will proceed as normal. But what will happen if the man doesn't listen to the voice in his head?" - Author's description

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Error City Tourist

"Error City Tourist. #glitchjam

W,A,S,D and mouse.

Left shift to sprint. Left mouse button to use computers." - Author's description

Why play it? The distant moaning of the monsters induces the same terror as those in the PSX Doom soundtrack. It really makes me shudder. - Chris

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Super Plumber Bros

"In April 2014, me and some friends found a weird old famicom cartridge buried, along with some cold-war propaganda, in an abandoned mineshaft in northern BC.

After drying it out, we plugged it into an old famicom and were shocked: it seemed to be some kind of "Ur platformer" that predates even Braid. We tried to contact the developers, but we've had no luck. All we could find online was countless remakes." - Author's description

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