tagged : jrpg

The Legend Of Tango (Spilt Milk Studios)  

"The Legend Of Tango is a (very) short comedy JRPG in the style of Final Fantasy IV-VI, which tells the story of how we cam up with the idea for Tango Fiesta… but you know, through a heavy-handed metaphor where Indie Devs are Mercenaries and Programmers are ‘Mathemagicians’." - Author's description

Download on Steam (Windows)

Like Clockwork (John Roberts)

"Like Clockwork' is a comedy RPG in which an unsuspecting sidekick must finish her Hero's quest after he dies in a freak accident with a police car.The adventure begins in a traditional JRPG world, though your new companion Tam McGleish (an angry Scottish Detective Inspector) soon changes that. Help guide the new Hero to the conclusion of her quest, whilst Tam attempts to fix the worst mistakes of the JRPG genre along the way." - Author's description

Download it here