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The Lion's Song

"The game is set in the early 20th century. You play as Wilma, a young composer who has been sent into the wild nature of the Austrian Alps to complete her greatest composition so far..." - Author's description

Author's note: "Linux: It should be possible to run the game via wine, however I have not verified this."

Download here (Windows 16-bit)

Download here (Windows 32-bit)


"The Kingdom of Antopia has finally grown accustomed to a life without war, and its people are willing to forge an alliance with their one-time foe. If The Antbassador is good and kind, he might well see their worlds connected." - Author's description

Download here (Windows)

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Starpiercer (Kulikov, Dobrovolsky, Goyko, Polikanin, Erna)  

"You are a trans-galactic ripper assigned on the impossible mission of saving our unique fragile world which has been compromised by the aggressive intrusion of alien forces though the hole in the space-time continuum. That's why you find yourself slipping from one dimension to another either fighting enemies or preserving friendly environment. Beware: destructions in your home world brings only pain and suffering for you while demolition of enemies boosts your energy and helps to carry on your journey." - Authpor's description

Play it here (Browser)