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Hello! Yes, this is new. Pocket Dimension is going to be a highlight reel or a playlist (if you prefer) of some of the games we've played and picked over the past week.

Of course, every game we feature on Warp Door is one that we think is worth playing. However, as we post quite a few every day and you probably miss some of them, Pocket Dimension is a way to bring a few of our favorites to the fore before the new week recycles our memories and they get lost to the vestiges of time.

This is the first edition of that. This is it. Yep.

Things to play are below...

Weapon 1482

"You have the honor of serving our country. Load the weapon and destroy our enemies." - Author's description

Why play it? Firing weapons in games is usually just a case of pulling a trigger or pressing a button. Here, it's a slow process fraught with viscousness. You're required to operate several terminals and pull and push stubborn levers with a weak, alien tentacle. The ambiance provides an unsettling tone with the rattles, hums and groans of grey and tired war machines.

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