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O Trivial Lobotomy

Interpretation is an activity that can be employed to expand your mental capacity and give your brain a stretch. In this week's Pocket Dimension, you're going to exhaust yourself in a work-out of interpretating many little games.

The title "As You See It" refers to the purpose of most of this week's games, which as I see it, is to encourage us to bring ourselves into our understanding and reading of them. That might also explain why I've blabbed on for much longer than I meant to in some of the write-ups. It's that, or I've been more affected by the heat this week than I realized, causing me to ramble.

Yeah, it's the heat, isn't it?

O Trivial Lobotomy

"O Trivial Lobotomy is... something a bit different. While extremely short (around 5 minutes) and not necessarily a brand new concept, it is a game I think fans of strange indie games would enjoy. Made solely when I was extremely tired, it is a strange game with no cohesive story, strange characters and simple yet challenging gameplay." - Author's description

Download on Game Jolt (Windows)