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La Leyenda del Chupacabra (MEGO)


"In the most desolate, cursed desert you are crawling in the dark, craving for blood... Some believe you arrived from space, others think you are a demon from hell. They call you "El Chupacabra" and fear the biped shadow who attacks by night, sucking the blood out of goats using its sharp teeth. Everybody wants to catch you dead or alive. And you're out of luck unless you master the arts of hiding in the shadows." - Author's description

Why play it? As if being the Chupacabra isn't enough, this lovely free offering provides with some unique (pretty great, too) one-button stealth gameplay. It even looks and sounds really nice. - Gnome

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"0RBITALIS allows players to explore the force which keeps the Universe together: Gravity. Its minimalistic aesthetic has been designed by subtraction, unravelling the beautifully complex art that lies within Newton's laws. As a game, 0RBITALIS is indeed a novel and addictive experience, surely diverse from the majority of modern indie games." - Author's description

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