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This last week was packed with great little games. That was likely caused by Game Jolt's Glitch Jam and the Nar8 Jam both coming to an end.

It's probably worth going back through this week to see what you may have missed, because I have certainly missed some that should be to your taste in this week's Pocket Dimension.

Unsurprisingly, given my fascination with exploration games, many of those I have picked out are about scrutinizing and testing strange spaces. The "Insides Out" title refers to how many of them involve a surface bursting out of its framing (literally in one game), or in some cases, a substance (like tears or rain) coming out of an object.

It's tentative at best, sure, but who doesn't enjoy trying to bunch things together under an umbrella term; it's human nature, apparently.


"After 100 chronopuffs the Angel Mutants have returned to our glorious homeland of Pink Zone. Much has changed since our exile. Our enemies are dead, but the Zone is a stranger to us. We must explore before resettling, both to protect ourselves from danger and so that we may respect the new lifeforms and cultures that have grown in our absence." - Author's description

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