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The Norwood Suite (Cosmo D)

"The sequel to Off-Peak, The Norwood Suite is a surreal first-person adventure game by Cosmo D. Journey to the secluded Hotel Norwood, where odd characters, forgotten secrets, and head-nodding music await." - Author's description

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Synthesized Mind

"move=wasd / look=mouse / run=shift / jump=space / talk=t" - Author's description

Note: This is a single level demo of Dr. Javier Genneheigen's Chameleon World. The full game comes with a full purchase of the Vinyl LP of Jerry Paper’s Big Pop For Chameleon World.

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Rooftop Cop

"A world of Police that have forgotten what, and why, they are policing." - Author's description

Author's note: "Rooftop Cop is a collection of five endless vignette games and a 7-track album. The games are set on a loose metaphysical timeline in which the Cops slowly lose their way."

Purchase for $5 on itch.io (Windows, Mac + OST)

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"Retrobooster is a reinvention of the cave-flyer for players who love games of skill. You control an extremely responsive ship, which opens up new possibilities for speed flying challenges, puzzles, and bullet hell scenarios. " - Author's description

Purchase for $17.99 on Steam (Windows, Linux)

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Purchase for $20.99 on Humble Store (Windows, Linux + OST)

Cally's Caves 2 (Jordan Pearson, 0HK0)  

"Embarking on a universe-shattering quest, can you save your parents from the clutches of Dr. Herbert? Brave the depths of the caves, and try to reach the hollow halls of Herbert's lair. Fight enemy hordes from quasi-evil to mega-evil. Finally, defeat Herbert for good!" - Author's description

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The Moon Sliver

"You are on an island. A windy, abandoned island, dotted with rugged brick buildings, ruined walls, old electrical poles... and fires and candles still burning. What happened? Where is everyone? As you explore and uncover pieces of narration, questions are answered and new ones emerge. And as night gradually falls, it becomes apparent that something is hunting you..." - Author's description

Purchase for $2.99 on itch.io (Windows, Mac)


"SPACE/OFF is a two-player action game by anna anthropy and merritt kopas, inspired by Star Control and about a breakup in space.

Play as jilted lovers MIND WOLF and COOL BUG and prove who's angrier in one of three cosmic showdowns." - Author's description

Purchase for $5 on itch.io (Windows, Mac)

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"Have you ever driven alone late at night? Found yourself thinking thoughts you’d never have anywhere else?
Weird music playing on the radio?

Glitchhikers is about that experience." - Author's description

Author's note: "Glitchhikers is available completely free. Please see the links below.

However, if you wish to help support Silverstring Media to continue making games like this, please consider purchasing the Premium Edition of Glitchhikers! The game is exactly the same, but the Premium Edition also comes with the complete official soundtrack, including two songs that don’t appear in the game."

Download here (Windows)

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Buy Premium version for $9.99 here (Windows)

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