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"Prince from a distant planet, travel through a world filled with ruins and ancient vestiges to retrieve the lost crown!" - Author's description

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*Noah Sambou, Antonin Robinot, Agathe Fasentieux, Benoît Chenu, Keethana Rajendran, Myriam Vermote, Marina Cruz-Bisson, Lobo Lim, Thilo Goluza, Vinh-An Buis, Sebastien Gonet, & Julian Cathelinais.


"Harvey is a timeless virtual 3D interactive environment based on the academic hall by the same name. Created by more than 40 students of the University of Wisconsin–Stout, Harvey will allow users to enter the virtual space and meet historical characters, such as Lorenzo Dow Harvey, whom was president at the college from 1903-1922." - Author's description

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